Bidfood, one century of passion!

At Bidfood, the market leader in food service, the latter part of 2018 was completely dedicated to their 100-year jubilee. As the leading agency, Pubmarket! was responsible for the full picture: from the creative concept to the graphic design, and rolling out all communication activities. The Bidfood 100-Year event was the cherry on top of the birthday cake.

Anniversary book ‘One century of passion’

The anniversary book ‘One century of passion’ is a passionate synthesis of 100 years of Bidfood and gives you a glimpse of the company’s future. ‘Work with passion’ with testimonies from 10 (former) staff members was the book’s main ingredient. In the chapter ‘Meet the passion’ we had our eyes on the future. Pubmarket! was responsible for editing and styling the book.

Bidfood 100-years event

With three events in the jubilee, all stakeholders were involved. The Suppliers’ Day, on Malle airfield, was both a celebration of the past and future, symbolised by flights in an old double-decker, and test drives in eco-friendly cars.

The highlight was the 100-Years Bidfood event in Brussels Kart Expo. More than 1,000 guests from the hospitality business enjoyed the 7 food trends of the future, followed by a fabulous evening party with several surprise acts. Virginie Claes was the host of the day.

A few days later, employees of Bidfood Belgium and HRC establishments Langens, Declerq, Bestfood and Makady held their party in the same setting.

Throughout the festive period we incorporated dozens of fun facts about Bidfood in the print communication (folders and magazines), online (corporate website and web shop) and on social media (Facebook and LinkedIn).

A complete catering solution: from distribution to partner

Bidfood is a trendsetting food-distribution company and part of the international Bidcorp Group. It distributes food and food-related products to hospitality businesses, industrial kitchens in companies, schools, nursing homes and hospitals, and non-profit organisations in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Pubmarket! went all the way to establish the essence of Bidfood and to enhance its market position as a trailblazer. Because that’s what Bidfood is all about: a brand with a clear story and direction. Pubmarket! developed the brand idea “First in Food Service”. Bidfood gained a unique position in the market: a brand that offers more than a wide product range. Bidfood offers smart services, tools, solutions, and a strong brand experience.

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