Cases: Unilever

Launch of the new Raw NoBeef Burger

"The vegan burger battle"

For the B2B launch of the new Raw NoBeef Burger by The Vegetarian Butcher™, aimed at food professionals, Pubmarket! Joined forces with comedian & chef Joost Van Hyfte to confront six chefs with the taste and bite of this new vegan top-shelf product.

‘make it engaging & relevant’

"A new internal communication platform: UFS NEWS 2.0"

For a globally operating food service company such as Unilever Food Solutions, efficient internal communication is an absolutely critical success factor. UFS has been supporting this for years, but the communication of the quarterly updates needed an update. The content – results, innovations, HR news, etc. – was right, but the format, the 20-minute message from the CEO, needed to get with the times.

“Keep on rocking in the virtual world!”

"Top events for La Lorraine, Lineas, Proximus, Unilever Food Solutions"

Special events connect people. Employees, clients, and stakeholders. Virtual events are not new, but they have never been as important as real-life events. Is there anything more fun than meeting like-minded people, listening to inspiring keynotes, brainstorming in break-out groups, followed by some delicious food and a cava…? Life is not done!

A significant up-market repositioning

"The ‘Lipton Exclusive Selection’ Experience"

With its renewed brand, Lipton Exclusive Selection, Unilever Food Solutions is aiming at a significant up-market repositioning of its Lipton tea products for the trade market. Just like we no longer drink coffee but prefer Caffé Latte or Espresso Macchiato, Unilever Food Solutions wants to stimulate consumers not just to drink tea, but to enjoy Asian White & Rose, a Pure Black Ceylon or one of the other eleven luxury Lipton teas.

The emotional connection

"Unilever PIW-convention Rotterdam"

Amidst all digital communication noise, physical events are a unique opportunity for marketers and managers to match their message with the stakeholders. More and more, event marketing is becoming experience marketing. In essence, it comes down to building a personalised relationship. As a result, the impact of an event goes far beyond the mere transfer of information.

A food marketing tool packed with inspiring recipes

"A unique kit for Unilever"

In cooperation with Unilever Food Solutions, the Pubmarket! communication agency came up with UniKIT, a complete and unique marketing tool full of inspiring recipes, tasty content for chefs, activation kits for social restaurants, and an online content platform.

The Essence

"To the Essence for Unilever"

Unilever Food Solutions wanted to inspire and help professional chefs with practical advice and solutions. Together with an impressive line-up of professionals, they published the extensive reference work ‘The Essence – The Contemporary Kitchen’.