Brand identity & positioning

“Products are made in a factory, brands are created in the mind!”

Before we build a brand, we must think about its foundations. During a workshop we go deeper into your genes, your DNA. We look for answers to the following questions:

  • Who are we? What is our mission and vision?
  • What do we stand for? What are our core values?
  • What are we aiming for? What are our brand values?
  • What is our one-word-proposition or magic word?
  • How do we prove that? What are our style values?
  • What is our story?

This DNA passport establishes the base for a powerful positioning and corresponding propositions. Determining this emotional brand identity is step one. The visual brand identity is step two. We create and/or refine your name, logo and baseline and we develop a brand identity book.

Only then can you kick off your brand activation, and always in line with your DNA and strategic goals of course.

Is your branding on target? Then we can go ahead with your brand activation. For each target audience we develop a customer brand-journey model with the right brand touchpoints for each step in the consumer’s decision trajectory. Physical and digital brand communication puts the brand image in the market. It is imperative that each step of the journey is an enjoyable experience.

Strategic creativity, reflection and action:
creating, activating, evaluating and ... optimising!

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Headlines to be proud of

Coco & Sebas, chocolate with an extra sparkle

A premium brand at an affordable price

"Coco & Sebas, chocolate with an extra sparkle"

From 59 to 77% brand awareness

A successful omnichannel approach

"From 59 to 77% brand awareness"

The rather different approach to the Sezoens campaign

An activation campaign that sounds like music to the ears

"The rather different approach to the Sezoens campaign"