Shhhh… the Duvel sleeps here

On the A12 as we approach Breendonk, we turn down the volume on the car radio and we slow down the car, because this is where ‘Duvel’ is maturing and we don’t wish to disturb it.  Duvel asked their communication agency Pubmarket! to develop a remarkable activation. “Shhhh… the Duvel sleeps here” campaign was born.

Scratch-and-win contest

Omnichannel for the win!

Duvel and Prik&Tik wanted to attract younger users. They organised a scratch-and-win contest for people who purchased two clips of Duvel and Duvel Tripel Hop. Contestants could win one of the 400 Duvel tents and over 10,000 bottles of Duvel Tripel. For this contest Pubmarket! used all its omnichannel assets: a full set of POS materials, Facebook pages, a website, two leaflets (1,300,000 copies) and the Prik&Tik newsletter.

Massive sharing on social media

This action was a huge success on social media. One re-post was shared 4,773 times by Prik&Tik clients. The feedback from the consumers, retailers and Duvel sales reps was unanimously positive. The data were great too: more volume and new Duvel fans.

Social media scratch-and-win contest


A successful synergy between two strong brands

This activation was a winning combination. Duvel has some marvellous products and a great marketing machine. Prik&Tik has a strong connection with the consumer thanks to their stores and their omnichannel communication. With this action Pubmarket! created a great synergy between these two strong brands.

A successful synergy between two strong brands