Cases: TinQ

Fill up with prices from 20 years ago

"20 years of TinQ"

TinQ is a fast-growing Dutch network with nearly 400 self-service petrol stations. TinQ is a division of the Enviem Group. Their no-nonsense approach and strategic locations of the stations, is no doubt one of the success factors of the group. Another success factor is their creative and impactful promotional actions.

Our omnichannel strategy

"The race to the fuel pump"

Via an omnichannel strategy we launched the TinQ MAX.KORTING and the TinQ Race game with spectacular prizes: app with push messages, e-mail marketing programme, social-media marketing, content marketing with famous Dutch vloggers, radio commercials on Radio Veronica, POS materials for all stations, etc. The result? As we speak, 56,241 people are using the app.