The vegan burger battle

For the B2B launch of the new Raw NoBeef Burger by The Vegetarian Butcher™, aimed at food professionals, Pubmarket! Joined forces with comedian & chef Joost Van Hyfte to confront six chefs with the taste and bite of this new vegan top-shelf product.


Truth or Dare

By means of six ‘Truth or Dare’ videos, we recorded the chefs’ reactions to a first blind burger tasting. The reactions ranged from surprised to flabbergasted. “Is this really vegan?!” For the second round, we organized three video battles and asked the chefs to use this new product in a culinary way.

We made both a teaser and a full-length version for every video. The teasers were used on Facebook and Instagram to lead chefs towards the Unilever Food Solutions website. The videos were also published on YouTube.

In the meantime, the Raw NoBeef Burger has found its way to the hospitality market, thanks to its great structure and taste. Looks like we won the battle!

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