Coco & Sebas, chocolate with an extra sparkle

Coco & Sebas is a young and ambitious Dutch chocolate brand that asked Pubmarket! to develop a rebranding. At the start in 2017, Coco & Sebas positioned itself as a high-end luxury product that used real jewellery boxes as packaging for its chocolates. The brand then evolved towards an accessible daily luxury. Coco & Sebas wants to be a premium brand with its beautiful, artisan and delicious bonbons, but at an affordable price. A brand with lots of potential for the ‘happy many’.

Surprising concepts

Together with Coco & Sebas, Pubmarket! we looked for the soul of the brand and established the right target groups for its market positioning. After a thorough strategic exercise, Coco & Sebas decided to let go of the high-end proposition and to focus on the happy many, with surprising concepts and a dash of luxury, without compromising on the quality of the chocolate. The first store in ‘s Hertogenbosh was a beautiful translation of this new approach. In this store you find the white-line products that Coco & Sebas developed specifically for their brand stores and luxury warehouses, such as Bijenkorf and Harrods. For the retail sector they developed the black-line products. Two different product lines for two different segments.


There was still a lot of work to be done to develop magnetic added value. It sounds a bit cynical, but the COVID crisis was the ideal catalyst to put themselves on the market. With the ‘Omdat jij het verdient #eenhartvangoud’ action Coco & Sebas aimed to be a motivator for Dutch people with a heart of gold. The campaign was a success, and the first step was made towards the brand concept ‘Omdat jij het verdient’, where chocolate gives an extra sparkle to your day. Coco & Sebas is achievable luxury, like Nespresso ‘what else’. A unique positioning between the mainstream chocolate brands and exclusive chocolatiers. A chocolate brand that combines the best of both worlds and that gives life an extra sparkle. A positioning that was translated in a visual brand identity with a classy logo, a look & feel focusing on gold and black, surprising shapes, and exciting flavours.

Remy Rombouts, co-founder of the brand, is used as the face of the brand Coco & Sebas. The Netherlands didn’t have any well-known chocolatiers and now they do. The new course of action was synthesised in a to-the-point Coco & Sebas brand identity consisting of three elements: the intellectual brand identity, the visible brand identity, and the target groups. The perfect compass to stay on track.