Introduction campaign for the new brand RRReis

Pubmarket! was asked by Keolis to create the introduction campaign for RRReis, the new umbrella brand for the regional public transport service in the Flevoland, Gelderland and Overijssel provinces. The way RRReis is written, with three Rs, is symbolic of the cooperation between the three provinces responsible for the regional public transport. The rolling Rs are designed to show the brand as dynamic and active. It stands for speed.

Sustainable travel with RRReis

The main goal of the campaign was to activate the new sustainable RRReis brand to existing travellers and new travellers. One of the sub-goals was to re-engage with travellers who no longer travelled due to Covid.

The concept of the campaign designed by Pubmarket! was based on, among other things, relaxed travel in combination with the USPs of travelling with RRReis. The buses have extra comfortable seats, USB charging stations, and are fully electric. Travelling on them makes you feel like you are floating over the road, which makes consumers comfortable so they can arrive relaxed at their destination. This is why we used floating travellers with a relaxed posture, without a visual of the bus. The proposed concept also meant we could also creatively avoid facemasks.

We developed a sustainability label to emphasise the fully electric, C02-neutral travelling method. This played a part in every step of the communication.

ontdek RRReis

During Covid, we adapted the basic concept and made it more informative. After Covid, we were able to fully launch the concept in multiple stages and for each target group: commuters, recreational travellers, students and seniors.

For this, we used cross medial, online and offline methods. This gave us massive reach throughout the area. Everyone is now informed, inspired and motivated to travel with RRReis.