Search engine marketing

“SEM is not about driving clicks and traffic to your site. It's about driving the right clicks and traffic to your site.”

SEM is the intelligent combination of SEO and SEA.

With SEO or search engine optimisation you bring people to your online ecosystem organically. You make sure that Google recognises you as one of the experts in your work domain. Your site will then pop up at the top of the search results.

Authentic content combined with SEO copywriting, intelligent link building and a logical technical design of your website are success factors to achieving great SEO results. A thorough keyword analysis creates the base of your SEO strategy. SEO isn’t a one off, it’s a permanent mission to achieve and retain a good ranking.

SEA or search engine advertising is another tactic to boost your online reach. Thanks to paid Google Ads you can create instant reach. Depending on your goals, Pubmarket! creates an effective SEA campaign. What do you want to achieve? More leads, more sales or brand awareness? Keeping this in mind we define the targeting, and we establish with Google Analytics the right conversion tracking. Like SEO, a thorough keyword analysis is key to a successful campaign. This will create the basis for the copy, ideal budget, and bidding strategy.

Thanks to a clever Google Data Studio report it is possible to follow the most important results in real time. This enables us to adjust and optimise your campaigns. Pay us a visit and challenge our Pubmarket! specialists. You’ll be amazed how SEO and SEA can improve your business results.

Strategic creativity, reflection and action:
creating, activating, evaluating and ... optimising!

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Headlines to be proud of

Introduction campaign for the new brand RRReis

The rolling ‘R’s make the brand dynamic and active

"Introduction campaign for the new brand RRReis"

From 59 to 77% brand awareness

A successful omnichannel approach

"From 59 to 77% brand awareness"

The rather different approach to the Sezoens campaign

An activation campaign that sounds like music to the ears

"The rather different approach to the Sezoens campaign"