From 59 to 77% brand awareness

In 2010, Prik&Tik and Pubmarket! joined forces for the very first time for a brand activation for the World Soccer Championships in South Africa. We hit it off right away and we’ve been partners ever since. The ad-hoc sales activations soon became a successful omnichannel approach.

The numbers speak for themselves:

Between 2015 and 2021, brand awareness grew from 59% to 77%. These numbers translate into the opening of more stores and increased profit, and thus greater purchasing power for the Prik&Tik organisation.

In our omnichannel approach we used:

  • Strategic communication advice
  • A complete rebranding of the Prik&Tik brand
  • Media advice, bookings, planning and creative content for the offline and online touchpoints:
    • Door-to-door folders and the Prikkels magazine
    • National TV and radio commercials
    • SEA, YouTube advertising and social-media marketing
    • Content marketing
  • Brand activation with e.g., Duvel and Coca-Cola
  • Dealer marketing with decoration in the flagship store in Leopoldsburg and other stores, POS material and regular sessions with independent retailers to ensure that all communication remains uniform.
Prik & Tik publicity - evolution

The expansive growth of Prik&Tik and Pubmarket! has been nothing but positive. Both enterprises work and grow together, and made us true partners. A partnership that goes a lot further than a classic client-supplier relationship. It inspired us to publish the fascinating book “Tien jaar samen werken en groeien”.

Working together, growing together!