Data analytics & reporting

“Everything starts with an analysis of the relevant key figures you want to track.”

As the pace of digital marketing and digital transformation accelerates, the available data grows exponentially. However, just because you can measure even the smallest detail doesn’t mean you should. There’s a real risk you won’t be able to see the wood for the trees. Everything starts with analysing the relevant key figures you want to track and the connections you want to establish. They should focus on two goals: analysing the results of your campaigns and optimising them.

Google Data Studio is a particularly useful tool to make these analyses and report them to your stakeholders. A Google Data Studio (GDS) report not only collects data from Google Ads, but also data sources on other platforms, such as your website and online shop, Facebook, Instagram etc. It allows you to combine all data using one convenient tool, resulting in one convenient report. Moreover, GDS is real time, guaranteeing up-to-date analyses, to Pubmarket! and the client. Which is extremely handy when your CEO or a supplier who co-financed a campaign is keen for a status.

For each client, Pubmarket! builds a personalised report based on specific KPIs and the brand guidelines. The regularity with which we discuss the numbers is determined together. Usually, we report every month, but it can be done more frequently if the campaign requires it.

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