A razor sharp digitaly strategy for Rio Tinto

The Pubmarket! communication agency developed a new digital strategy for Rio Tinto Diamonds from scratch. It all started with desk research and bench marketing of the B2B market digital landscape in this niche segment. Brand and trend analyses were executed to determine the position of the brand. The ‘Diamonds with a story’ campaign received the ‘Best Communication’ award during the 3rd edition of the B2B Press & Communication Awards organised by MM, the communication sector trade magazine.

In a second phase, we organised a digital audit through interviews with stakeholders and did a complete analysis of all existing Rio Tinto websites (20 in total). Next step: Pubmarket! conducted an expansive external audit of the expectations of all stakeholders involved (consumers, business partners, media, …). On to the next step! The results were presented during a board meeting, finalised, and summarised in a complete brand key that focused on all aspects of the brand, including the definition of the brand essence. These were integrated in the new brand guidelines that were created by Pubmarket!. After the vision was presented, Pubmarket! was allowed to start with the digital brand strategy behind ‘Diamonds with a StoryTM’.

1 platform, 3 target groups

One of the most important insights from the first analysis was the demand for one central content platform. Existing websites were eliminated, and one central platform was created and segmented according to the three different target groups: manufacturer, retailer, and designer. But also, according to three different geographical and cultural regions: the United States, India, and Greater China. The new website consists of a static part based on the ‘Diamonds with a StoryTM’ concept and a dynamic content part that is updated monthly. The platform has an identical structure for all the different target groups, but each country has a local approach in terms of look and feel, tone of voice and messaging. There is a monthly editorial board meeting with the Rio Tinto Diamonds representatives in the US, India and China to discuss the content for the upcoming months. After that, Pubmarket! works with local copywriters: they create appropriate visuals, videos, infographics, etc. to bring the digital content to life by implementing them in the content-management system of the website.

1 platform, 3 target groups

When a child is born, the real work starts

To make sure that we create enough traffic to the website, we created a digital ecosystem. Content plays an important role in this ecosystem: the goal is naturally to attract a wider audience to the ‘Diamonds with a StoryTM’ platform with solid content. For this, we used different channels: e-mail marketing, social-media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Advertising, but also online and offline advertising, PR and other offline communication tools (brochures, events, trade shows, …). We also presented a channel-specific, strategic, and tactical approach for each channel and we are implementing those as we speak.